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IMS ground pressure microseismic monitoring system for Dajishan tungsten industry is officially put into operation
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SMM News: recently, the first set of South African IMS ground pressure microseismic monitoring system introduced by Jiangxi Dajishan tungsten industry has been officially put into operation, which indicates that Dajishan tungsten industry will use brand-new scientific and technological means to effectively predict geological disasters, help construction personnel in complex environments not to be threatened by dynamic disasters such as ground pressure shock, and ensure the safety and stability of mines in the production process.

For a long time, Dajishan tungsten industry attaches importance to scientific and technological innovation, insists on using high and new technology to transform the traditional underground mining mode, guided by technological innovation and management innovation, combined with enterprise development strategy, successfully introduces a number of high and new technologies and independent innovation to transform the traditional production mode of enterprises, and greatly liberates the productive forces. South Africa IMS ground pressure monitoring system is one of them.

After six months of tense construction, the IMS ground pressure monitoring system was officially launched recently. It is understood that after the system is put into operation, the running status of various components and geophone arrays is well displayed, and various waveforms can be accurately and clearly monitored; through the analysis of waveforms, the ratio of effective events, and possible interference analysis, as well as positioning effect and accuracy analysis, and then optimize the various parameters of the system and the rationality of configuration, and finally can accurately judge the existing problems and locations. IMS is mainly a microseismic system constructed by unidirectional geophone array and three-way geophone array. The positioning effect analysis model of the system is established, and the positioning accuracy cloud map and sensitivity cloud map are obtained. During the current operation, the positioning accuracy of the monitoring area can reach 10 to 15 m, and the sensitivity can reach more than-2.2 Richter magnitude. The overall positioning accuracy and sensitivity of the system can meet the established system design technical requirements.

The main body of IMS ground pressure microseismic system in South Africa is built by Dagishan tungsten industry, IMS Mining Research Institute and Shanghai Pengxu Science and Technology, and the debugging of the system is completed by Australian experts. At present, Dajishan tungsten industry relies on IMS ground pressure microseismic detection system, cooperate with underground slide deformation detection, acoustic emission ground pressure detection system, establish and perfect ground pressure management system, equipped with full-time management personnel, cooperate with computer network and other new generation technology as the means, with comprehensive perception, real-time transmission and intelligent on-line processing as the operation mode, to establish an intelligent remote three-dimensional stress real-time monitoring system of ground pressure. It has the advantages of automatic detection, data sharing and remote multi-person supervision at the same time. On the basis of owning the ground pressure detection system group, Dajishan tungsten industry has successfully built the "sharp sword" of ground pressure detection.

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