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Science and Technology Innovation Board's first positive material enterprise, Rong Bai Science and Technology, plans to raise 1.6 billion more money for the main industry.
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SMM News: June 19 news, according to the Branch Chuangban listing Committee 2019 5th Review Conference results announced that this morning will be Ningbo Rongbai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangfeng Technology Co., Ltd. all two enterprises examined and approved. Among them, Rong Bai Science and Technology became Science and Technology Innovation Board's first landing positive material listed company. In addition, Science and Technology Innovation Board, Hangzhou an Heng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Lexin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai minimally invasive Heart vein Medical Technology Co., Ltd. met this afternoon. As of press release, the results of the review have not yet been announced.

Among the two enterprises that have successfully held the meeting, Rong Bai Science and Technology sponsor is Citic Securities. The number of shares to be issued by Science and Technology Innovation Board is not more than 45 million shares, and the proportion of the total share capital after the issue is not less than 10%. The amount of financing is 1.6 billion yuan, which is mainly used in two aspects: 1.2 billion yuan to raise funds to build 2025 dynamic lithium electrical materials comprehensive base (phase I); 400 million yuan will be invested to raise funds to supplement working capital.

The data show that Rongbai Technology was established in September 2013, operating in lithium battery materials, power battery related industries, the main products include NCM523, NCM622, NCM811, NCA and other ternary cathode materials and their precursors. Ternary cathode materials are mainly used in the manufacture of lithium batteries, and mainly used in new energy vehicles power batteries, energy storage equipment and electronic products and other fields.

According to the prospectus, the company is one of the earliest manufacturers of single crystal NCM523 and single crystal NCM622 ternary cathode materials, as well as the first large-scale mass production enterprise of high nickel NCM811.

At present, Rongbai Technology has established a good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign mainstream lithium battery manufacturers, such as Ningde era, BYD, LG Chemistry, Tianjin Lishen, Funeng Technology, Bike Power and so on, and has stabilized and deepened customer cooperation through continuous technical optimization and product iteration.

It is worth mentioning that on June 13, Hangke Technology, a manufacturer of lithium battery equipment, held a successful meeting. At present, there are three lithium power industry chain enterprises waiting for Science and Technology Innovation Board's consideration: Tiannai Technology, Jiayuan Technology, and Li Yuanheng.

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