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[note] stop production of Jinpo lead-Zinc Mine in Delong Mining Industry under Luoping Zinc Electric Banner
Jun 19,2019 18:38CST
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SMM6 19-month news: Luoping Zinc Power announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Puding County Derong Mining Co., Ltd., on June 18, 2019, received the "Puding County Emergency Management Bureau site Management measures decision" (2019) emergency decision (2019) non-coal 9), requiring Jinpo lead and Zinc Mine to stop production activities. At present, Jinpo lead-zinc mine has ceased production as required, the specific conditions are as follows:

1. Reasons for suspension of production: the "Safety production license" of Derong Mining Jinpo lead-Zinc Mine expires and is valid until June 16, 2019.

2. Period of suspension of production: from the date of receipt of the "decision" on June 18, 2019, until the re-acquisition of the "Safety production license", and after examination and acceptance by the Emergency Management Bureau of Puding County.

Third, the impact of the shutdown on the company: the final impact of the shutdown is subject to the number of accountants. During the suspension of production, the company will apply for a new "production safety license" in accordance with the regulatory requirements, and strive to resume production as soon as possible. The company will fulfill the obligation of information disclosure in time according to the relevant situation, and respectfully invite the majority of investors to pay attention to the investment risk.

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