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[stock Market afternoon Review] "Xi Special meeting" drives the stock index to soar, chips and other technology sectors are active.
Jun 19,2019
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SMM6 month 19 news: the three major stock indexes opened higher in the morning, the volume rose, affected by the "special meeting" news, securities firms and other hot plate collective higher, 5G Huawei concept stocks continue to rise, near noon intellectual property concept stocks rose again, domestic chips, brokers, e-cigarettes, OLED, domestic software and other plates are also active, the gold plate fell against the market. By midday, the Prev index was up 1.50 per cent at 2933.64 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 2.25 per cent at 9002.84 points, and the gem index was up 2.01 per cent at 1485.01 points. The net inflow of capital from the north was 3 billion.

Review of abnormal movement

The brokerage plate rose sharply, Hualin Securities, China Galaxy rose by the limit, Guosheng Financial Control, Tianfeng Securities, Huaxin shares, CITIC Construction Investment opened sharply higher.

Iron ore plate rose sharply, Jinling Mining rose 8%, Hongda Mining rose 7%, Hebei Xuangong and Hainan Mining rose one after another.

Gold plate fell first, Chifeng gold fell 4%, Oriental Jinyu, Ronghua Industry, Jinzhou Cihang, Yuancheng Gold weakened one after another.

The oil service plate strengthened across the board, Baode shares rose by the limit, Houpu shares rose by 8%, and Security Control Technology, Jerry shares and Dawson shares strengthened one after another.

Fuel cell plate warmed up all over the line, Sinosteel Tianyuan and Houpu shares both rose by the limit, Fuli special installation, Meijin energy, Beijing shares, all firewood power strengthened

The domestic operating system plate rose, Tianji science and technology rose by the limit, Zhou Ming science and technology rose by 8%, Bei Xinyuan, Netcom software, Wei Shitong and so on rose one after another.

The Tibetan plate has changed, Tibet tourism has been closed in a straight line, Tibet Tianlu, Gao Zhengmin explosion, Tibet mining industry, Tibet city investment have strengthened one after another.

Housing rental plate changed, the world Lianxing straight line seal board, 36-5 net, the country creates high and new, I love my family to follow the rise rapidly

Intellectual property plate rose rapidly, Chinese online, Chinese science straight line seal board, Annie shares, China Publishing, Chinese media holding all strengthened

Message surface

[ordinary telephone call between Xi Jinping and US President Trang]

Chinese President Xi Jinping made an ordinary telephone call with US President Trang on the 18th. Xi Jinping pointed out: recently, Sino-US relations have encountered some difficulties, which is not in the interests of both sides. The cooperation between China and the United States is beneficial to both sides, and both are injured in the fight. The two sides should, in accordance with the consensus we have reached, promote Sino-US relations based on mutual respect and mutual benefit and on the basis of coordination, cooperation, and stability. (CCTV News)

[interministerial joint meeting on the implementation of the intellectual property strategy of the State Council to promote the plan to strengthen intellectual property rights]

The Office of the Joint Inter-Ministerial meeting on the implementation of the intellectual property Strategy of the State Council recently issued the "Plan for the in-depth implementation of the National intellectual property Strategy in 2019 to accelerate the Construction of a powerful intellectual property Power," the plan points out the introduction of a work plan for the construction of strong enterprises with intellectual property rights and the full implementation of a number of measures for intellectual property rights to serve the innovative development of private enterprises.

[the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announces the list of the first batch of enterprises that meet the requirements of the printed Circuit Board Industry]

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on June 18, the first batch of "printed Circuit Board Industry Specification conditions" enterprise list announced. In accordance with the provisions of the Standard conditions for the printed Circuit Board Industry and the interim measures for the Administration of the Standard announcement of the printed Circuit Board Industry, through the procedures of voluntary application by enterprises, recommendation by provincial competent departments, and expert review, the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology now publishes the relevant list. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the first batch of enterprises to meet the requirements of the printed circuit board industry, including Shennan Circuit, Hongxin Electronics, Oskang, Jingwang Electronics, Mingyang Circuit, Pengding Holdings, Zhongjing Electronics and other listed companies.

Institutional point of view

Guotai Junan believes that the two heads of state are on the phone and will meet on the sidelines of the G20 leaders' summit in Osaka, indicating that external problems will ease somewhat. Superimposed regulators attach importance to and are expected to take corresponding measures to ease market liquidity tensions and credit risks. In the short term, both of these will help boost investor sentiment and sentiment, and the market may usher in a valuable time window. It is suggested that we should actively pay attention to the opportunities for rebound in the market.

For the theme configuration, Merchants Securities suggests, first, pay attention to the 5G downstream application theme: 5G downstream applications will gradually enter the theme investment stage, it is recommended to pay attention to the first stage of the main topics such as cloud games, VR/AR, high-definition video and so on. Second, pay attention to the topic of network security.

Zhongtai Securities said that A shares still have opportunities in the second half of the year, while the core drivers of the market are liquidity marginal easing and increased market risk appetite. In terms of allocation, it is suggested that the core assets should still be used as the bottom stock, and then hard science and technology should be used as the elastic variety to supplement the game varieties such as real estate and post-cycle.

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