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Today's news: global monetary policy or the word "pine" * Guizhou manganese reserves ranked first in Asia
Jun 19,2019 09:01CST
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Macro information

A direct attack on the US hearing on the levying of tariffs on China: "We cannot afford a new round of tax increases without the Chinese supply chain."

The coming of "Super interest week" comes the head of global monetary policy or the word "loose"

Draghi hinted that the ECB would release water, which angered Trump

The 1.294 million sets of construction permits in the United States in May were slightly below expectations.

Waiting for the outcome of the Fed meeting, US stocks closed higher, the Dow up more than 350 points.

Metal news

Xi Jinping rebounded with Trang ordinary telephone metal in response to the appointment.

Half-year report impulse certification suppresses the upward elasticity of lead price in storage enterprises

[SMM analysis] Winter is coming? Analysis on the production situation of Power Battery Enterprises in the near Future

Normal production of new energy materials in and around Yibin M6.0 earthquake in Sichuan Province [SMM analysis]

Codelco: softened his position in the proposal for workers

Miners on strike at Chuquicamata Copper Mine in Chile clashed with police

Guizhou ranks first in manganese reserves in Asia

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This year, more than 40 housing enterprises have taken over 10 billion hot cities to heat up the land market.

The new power of car ownership and home market will intensify the reshuffle.

API crude stocks fall by 810000 barrels of US oil to maintain a 4 per cent increase

The future of 5G commercial propulsion autopilot will accelerate

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