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Xiangshui Defeng 1320mm (No. 3) Direct Rolling annealing pickling Line installation Project officially started
Source:Shanghai Twenty Metallurgical Co., Ltd.
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SMM News: June 14, Xiangshuifeng 1320 (3) pickling line factory mill frame slowly rose, marking the installation company to build Xiangshui Defeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. 1320 (3) direct rolling annealing pickling line installation project officially started. Dai Caiping, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Delong Group, Shi Binlong, director of the pickling plant, and other leaders and representatives of design and supervision units witnessed this important moment.

The project adopts advanced production technology and reasonable equipment configuration scheme, which not only has excellent product quality and performance, but also ensures low pollution and low emission, and has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. The main construction contents of the project include uncoiler, rolling mill, annealing furnace, phosphorus breaker, pill breaker, pickling section, coiler and supporting electrical, pipeline and other installation and commissioning work.

The project is the installation company long-term adhere to the root area, intensive farming, in order to "win the market on the spot" another achievement, the installation company has been built Jiangsu Delong stainless steel slab caster, 1320 (1) pickling line and other projects, through this cooperation will be more stable with Jiangsu Delong Group's friendly and cooperative relations.

The original title was: "Construction of Jiangsu Xiangshui Defeng No. 3 pickling Line"

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