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Trump's approval rating in the election lags behind Biden? Us media say Trump team "angrily fires" pollsters
Jun 18,2019
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SMM News: [Zheng Qi Baiguo, special correspondent of the Global Times in the United States] A poll on the 2020 US presidential election released by Fox News Channel shows that current President Trump lags behind five Democratic candidates, including former US Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Biden also had the advantage in the first poll of the 2020 presidential election conducted by CBS (CBS) on the 17th.

The Fox poll gave Biden a 10-point lead over Trump, with an approval rating of 49 percent.

The poll reflects voters' attitude towards the upcoming 2020 election. But the Trump team does not admit that its campaign is worrying. Trump's re-election campaign reportedly fired some pollsters after the leak of internal opinion polls that showed Trump's approval ratings trailing Biden in some states. Several sources disclosed to CNN (CNN) on the 16th that pollsters Michael Bartholiche and Adam Geller, who joined the Trump campaign in 2016, were "fired." The Trump campaign also cut ties with Brent Lloyd, chief executive of the voting company. An internal poll conducted by (NBC), in March showed Biden ahead of Trump in several key states, a person familiar with the internal workings of the Trump campaign told NBC in March. The information was leaked to the media, so the team fired some pollsters. The Trump campaign also tested other Democratic candidates and Trump's approval ratings, the source said. The results showed that Biden had the highest approval rating among these people.

Trump lags behind Biden in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan at a double-digit disadvantage, CBS17 reported. In these four states, Trump beat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin. Leaked opinion polls give Trump a two-point lead over Biden in Texas. The Democratic presidential candidate has not won in Texas since 1976.

In response to the report, Brad Pascal, Trump campaign manager, said the "outdated" data were produced earlier than the summary of the Russia report and the Democratic candidates began to elaborate on policy ideas, the New York Times reported on the 17th. So it "doesn't make sense." The latest campaign polls show a sharp rise in Trump's approval rating. Earlier, Trump hit back at the leak through a series of tweets. "the false, corrupt news media claimed to have received the information from the opinion polls completed by my campaign, which is a false and never-ending political threat."

Trump is scheduled to officially launch the 2020 campaign in Orlando, Florida, on the evening of the 18th. Sources revealed to the CNN that Trump attached particular importance to Biden's campaign, saying Biden posed a serious threat to his bid for blue-collar voters.

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