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The Emergency Management Department sent a working group to Changning, Sichuan Province to guide the rescue and relief work.
Jun 18,2019
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SMM News: 18 learned from the Emergency Management Department, in response to the earthquake occurred in Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province on the 17th, the Emergency Management Department has launched an emergency response, and sent a working group to the earthquake area to guide local rescue and relief work.

It is understood that after the earthquake, the person in charge of the emergency management department immediately rushed to the command center of the ministry and connected with the China Seismological Network Center, the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Sichuan Provincial Fire Rescue team, and the earthquake rescue scene video to dispatch to understand the disaster situation, deploy rescue and relief work, and require rapid analysis and judgment of earthquake trends, rapid and efficient implementation of rescue, and scientific dispatch of personnel and materials. At the same time, the Ministry of Emergency Management, together with the State Food and material Reserve Bureau, urgently allocated 5000 tents, 10, 000 folding beds and 20, 000 quilts to support earthquake relief work. Sichuan Provincial Fire Rescue Corps full-time command and six surrounding fire rescue detachment dispatched 63 fire engines, 302 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to carry out comprehensive investigation and rescue work.

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