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[SMM investigation] expanded weekly operation rate of recycled lead paste 53.6%
Jun 14,2019 11:15CST
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SMM, June 14 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

The weekly opening rate of the SMM renewable lead smelter in the three provinces was 53.6 per cent this week (June 8-14), up 1.3 per cent from the previous month, according to a survey by (SMM), a Shanghai-based website.

Among them, the operating rate of Jiangsu reclaimed lead smelter was 50.0%, that of Henan reclaimed lead smelter was 75.4%, which was the same as that of last week, and that of Anhui reclaimed lead smelter was 41.3%, an increase of 4.6% over last week. The main reason is that the production of Anhui Huabin Phase I new production line is stable, and the production of reduced lead is maintained at 900 tons per day.

In addition, after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday accumulation, Jiangxi, Henan and other places to restore the market supply of lead is relatively loose, to the refined lead factory discount shipping space, as of Friday, including tax renewable refined lead mainstream transaction price of SMM1# lead discount 100 to 200 yuan / ton factory, lead refineries said that if the discount is less than 100 yuan / ton, shipping is difficult.

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