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Jinchuan Group 11000 tons / day capacity expansion and consumption reduction Technical Transformation Project put into production Jinchuan Beneficiation has entered the ranks of tens of millions of tons of large mineral processing.
Jun 12,2019
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SMM News: June 6, Jinchuan Group Company 11000 tons / day secondary separation capacity reduction technical transformation project completed and put into production, Jinchuan mineral processing capacity jumped from 9.6 million tons to 11.7 million tons, stepping into the ranks of 10 million tons of large-scale mineral processing.

The second selection, expansion and consumption reduction technical transformation project is that Jinchuan Group, in response to the national "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative and the 13th five-year Plan outline of Gansu Province, promotes the high-quality development of key construction projects from 2018 to 2020, aiming at the efficient development and utilization of low-grade ore resources. extend the service life of the mine and promote the sustainable development of the company; We will promote the equipment manufacturing industry and the new material industry in Gansu Province, promote the coordinated economic and social development of Jinchang and its surrounding areas, lead the development direction of intelligent production and management information technology in the domestic mineral processing industry, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the mining industry.

In the development of Jinchuan nickel mine, Jinchuan Group strictly implements the national "mining rich to protect the poor, rich and poor at the same time" resource protection development policy. Since 2000, the company has increased the intensity of poor ore mining, low-cost, large-scale development of low-grade ore resources is becoming increasingly urgent.

In the technical transformation project of expanding energy and reducing consumption in the second selection of 11000 tons / day, Jinchuan adopted the advanced process of "semi-self-grinding + stubborn stone crushing + ball milling" for the first time. It subverts the technical route of Jinchuan mineral processing, completely cancels the crushing system in the traditional mineral processing technology, shortens the technological process, reduces the post setting, greatly improves the labor productivity, and further reduces the operating cost. it also makes it easy to solve the problem of dust pollution caused by ore crushing in mineral processing production.

In order to solve the problems of easy slime and oxidation in the grinding and separation process of Jinchuan nickel ore, the concentrator also adopts the inflatable flotation machine in the flotation system for the first time to replace the traditional technology of inflatable flotation machine and self-priming flotation machine to realize "early recovery and quick recovery", which is beneficial to improve the grade of nickel-copper concentrate, reduce the content of magnesium oxide in the concentrate and realize the double improvement of concentrate grade and recovery.


Since the construction of the project began in May 2015, concentrators and participating units have signed a "military writ", carried out thematic labor competitions, and held regular project meetings to ensure that the project is completed and put into production 50 days ahead of schedule.


The project launch meeting on June 6 read out the award decisions and certificates of the units, individuals and workers who have made outstanding contributions to the construction of the project.


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