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[SMM News] Jupiter: and South32 sign an agreement to divide manganese mines
Jun 11,2019 17:39CST
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SMM6, 11 June: Jupiter Mining Co., Ltd. issued a notice saying that Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement with South32 to draw the line between its Tshipi Borwa and Mamatwan manganese mines in South Africa.

According to the announcement, the agreement will begin on August 1, 2019, after the expiration of the mining date of both sides, the mining areas of all parties will carry out the corresponding mine restoration obligations in accordance with the environmental legislation and agreement. The ore mining period of Tshipi is expected to be 24 months. The mining plan and budget are currently being revised and the company will make recommendations for any major changes.

South32 has manganese mines in both South Africa and Australia, and according to its 2019 Q1 financial report, South32 Australian Manganese recorded a record performance of ores in the nine months to March 2019, with saleable ore production increasing by 4 per cent to 2631 kilotons (wet tons), while marketable ore production in South Africa fell by 3 per cent to 1615 kilotons (wet tons) in the nine months to March 2019. Because the increase of high-quality materials is offset by the decrease of fine-grain secondary materials.

Jupiter Mining is also one of the leading manganese miners in South Africa, with Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining Co., Ltd., which operates the Tshipi Borwa Manganese Mine, Tshipi Borwa Mine in South Africa is an open-pit manganese mine and has an integrated ore processing plant in the Kalahari Manganese Orefield in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, which is the largest manganese geological formation in the world. Tshipi remains the largest manganese mine in South Africa and one of the five largest manganese mines in the world, with longevity resources and low operating costs.

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