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[SMM Analysis] concentrate shortage tin producers delay delivery concerns can boost tin prices?
Jun 10,2019 17:12CST
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SMM6, 10 Feb: according to people familiar with the matter, Malaysian smelter (MSC), one of the world's largest refined tin producers, has delayed shipments to global customers due to a shortage of concentrate. According to the annual report, MSC produced 27085 tons of refined tin last year, making it the third largest refined tin producer in the world after Yunnan Tin Co., Ltd. of China and PT Timah of Indonesia. One source said MSC had told customers that delivery times could take two to three weeks, rather than the usual three to four days, and shipments had been delayed since February. "MSC lacks focus and has delayed some delivery schedules by about four weeks," another source said. "

SMM believes that Malaysia's MSC is constrained by a shortage of raw materials and that production constraints have delayed the delivery of refined tin to its customers. At present, on the supply side of the international tin market, there is no new news from Indonesia, and the exports of Indonesian PT Surveyor continue to be restricted. In addition, the decline in the supply of tin concentrate in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo this year has led to a shortage of raw materials at the end of the international tin market. The news will intensify concerns about the shortage of tin supply in the international tin market, and may lead to price trends in the future, but due to the current global trade frictions and other macro uncertainties, Lunxi is expected to have limited room to rise.

Lunxi prices have continued to fall since the beginning of April and did not stabilize until the end of May, and have recovered slightly since the beginning of June, falling 0.7 per cent to $19120 a tonne as of 5 p.m. on June 10.

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