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Huayin Company holds opening ceremony of Alumina decomposition and grading Technical Transformation Project
Jun 10,2019
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SMM Network News: on the morning of June 6, the start-up ceremony of the alumina decomposition and grading technical transformation project of the company was solemnly held at the construction site of the alumina plant project.

Zhang Jiqiang, general manager of the company; long Xiu, secretary of the party committee; Liu Mengduan, deputy general manager; Luo Xianqing, deputy general manager of Guiyang Aluminum and magnesium Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.; and Li Hui, general manager of Guangxi Chinalco Construction Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd. Xu Xingwei, chief engineer of Guangxi Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Changsha Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., Wu Qingsheng, chairman of machinery manufacturing company of 11 Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd., leaders and staff representatives of various departments and units of the company. More than 100 managers of the construction unit attended the construction ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Mengduan, deputy general manager of the company.

At the ceremony, Deputy General Manager Liu Mengdian introduced the basic situation of the alumina decomposition and classification technical transformation project. He pointed out that since the first phase of the alumina project was put into operation, although the decomposition and classification process has been optimized and improved to a certain extent, with the increase in alumina production, the current decomposition time is insufficient. The existing actual decomposition capacity can not meet the needs of high-quality operation of production. In line with the development of the times, the company decided to implement the technical transformation of alumina decomposition and classification with the consent of the board of directors. The construction of the project is of great significance for the company to further improve production indicators, promote production efficiency and high quality development.

Representatives of 11 Metallurgical Construction Group and Guangxi Chinalco Construction Supervision and Consulting Company made statements on behalf of the construction side and the supervision side, respectively.

In order to do a good job in the next step of the project, Deputy General Manager Liu Mengduan put forward four requirements on behalf of the company: first, in accordance with the project construction norms, strictly grasp the project process management; second, according to the network schedule, strictly grasp the time limit management; Third, in accordance with safety norms, we should strictly grasp the safety management and put an end to any accidents; fourth, we should strictly grasp the quality control layer by layer in accordance with the quality norms.

Subsequently, Zhang Jiqiang, general manager of the company, solemnly announced: "Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Co., Ltd. Alumina decomposition and classification technical transformation project started." The construction ceremony site immediately thundered, the construction machinery roared into operation, colorful fireworks rose from the sky, showing a lively scene, the company's alumina decomposition and classification technology transformation project has officially entered the overall construction stage.

In recent years, the company continues to carry out in-depth fine management, technological transformation projects as an important means to achieve enterprise development strategy, speed up the development of short board, for enterprises to promote quality and efficiency of new momentum, stimulate the vitality of enterprise development. It is understood that the total investment of the alumina decomposition and classification technical transformation project is 116 million yuan, and the project is planned for a period of 200 days.

After the implementation of the technical transformation project, the intermediate cooling effect will be significantly improved, the decomposition time will be extended from 44 hours to 50 hours, and the decomposition rate is expected to be increased from 48% to 49% to 51%. The annual output of alumina can be increased by 33000 tons, and various consumption indicators will be significantly reduced, reaching the level of advanced enterprises in the same industry, and greatly improving the product quality and core competitiveness of the company. At the same time, it also marks that the company will enter a new stage of high-quality development.

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