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What was Putin thinking? These two adventures, the Americans took a breath of cool air.
Jun 10,2019
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What was Putin thinking? Americans are really anxious right now.

Anyway, in recent days, in the Mediterranean in the western hemisphere, in the western Pacific in the eastern hemisphere, and in the sixth and seventh fleet of the United States Navy, they have almost clashed with the Russian army.

The latest one was on Friday, the first day of Dragon Boat Festival short holiday in China, in the western Pacific.

It is worth mentioning that some media reports are in the East China Sea, but the United States Navy believes it is in the Philippine Sea.

According to the US Navy, at that time, the cruiser "Chancelosville" of the US Seventh Fleet was cruising at a steady speed and recovering helicopters, and the Russian destroyer "Admiral Vinogradov" suddenly cut in from the rear. Recently, the two warships were only 15 to 30 meters apart.

You can imagine that two behemoths are only 15 meters away at sea.

The situation was so dangerous that according to the US side, the US ship had to start all its engines and retreat at full speed in order to avoid the collision between the two warships at sea.

As a result, the United States alleges that:

First, the captain of the Russian warship is very irresponsible; second, the dangerous practices of the Russian army expose that the country is not trustworthy; third, the United States will continue to defend freedom of navigation, and so on.

What does Russia think?

Russia has decisively rejected the US allegations and filed a series of counter-charges.

The Russian Pacific Fleet said in a statement that the US cruiser "Chancelosville" suddenly cut into the fairway of the Russian warship and that the Russian side was forced to carry out emergency maneuvers in order to avoid a collision. After the incident, the Russian side protested to the US warship command in the international band.

That is to say, it was your US warship that provoked you first, and if it had not been for the timely response of the Russian warships, everyone would have kissed them at sea.

What is interesting is that the US side then posted photos and videos of the scene. On the left is the Russian warship and on the right is the US warship. You can see the white spray behind the Russian warship, indicating the trajectory of the emergency turn of the Russian warship.

Photos of the US military also show that on the flight deck of a Russian warship helicopter, Russian soldiers were wearing underwear and sunbathing naked at the critical time of the collision.

Russians are really big, Americans are really thin.

But it is clearly unusual for two foreign warships to travel thousands of miles to the western Pacific and to almost collide with each other in the vast sea.


To the anxiety of Americans, just a few days ago, a similar incident took place in the Mediterranean.

This time the protagonist is the sixth Fleet, almost colliding with two fighters.

According to the allegations of the US sixth Fleet, the US P-8A reconnaissance plane flying in the international airspace of the Mediterranean Sea was intercepted three times by Russian Su-35 fighter planes within 175 minutes last Tuesday.

According to this statement:

First, the first and third interceptions of Russian fighter planes were considered safe; second interceptions were very unsafe; and third, the US side alleged that this put US pilots and crew members in danger.

In other words, a Russian fighter plane nearly hit this US reconnaissance plane.

Russia is also welcome and does not accept the US allegations, saying that the truth is as follows:

1. On the same day, the Russian army stationed in Syria detected that a target was close to the Russian naval base at Ertus.

2. The Su-35 fighter plane was immediately sent to the Hermemeem Air Force Base in Syria to approach and identify it as a US P-8A reconnaissance plane.

3. After the US plane changed course, the Russian fighter plane returned to base.

Russia understates, but Americans are highly nervous.

To Americans, everyone is real, with deadly weapons, human life is at stake, this is not a real joke.

Russia, what do you think?


If the calculations are correct, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke hours after the US and Russian warships nearly collided.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, according to Russian media reports, Putin "battered" the United States seven times.

Putin said Washington is desperate to maintain its hegemony on the international stage, putting the current model of globalism at risk.

Here's what Putin said:

When universal international rules are replaced by law. The United States is now expanding its jurisdiction over the world, which is not only contrary to the logic of international exchanges and the reality of the emerging multipolar world, but more importantly, inconsistent with the future tasks of mankind.

The criticism is really bitter.

In particular, Mr Putin also referred to the US crackdown on foreign technology companies, calling it a brazen attempt to drive them out of global markets. "in some circles, this is even called the first technological war in the coming digital age."

Putin did not mention maritime conflicts, but according to common sense, he should have been informed of such a serious incident. Of course, it does not rule out that the Russians think this is no big deal, Putin does not necessarily know.

But if the events are linked together, let's make a few superficial judgments:

First, the United States is pressing on step by step, making the Russians more and more disappointed. After a long period of patience, Putin is also losing patience with the continued pressure on the United States. It should be noted that just after Putin's warning, the latest move by the United States was for 18 countries to hold large-scale military exercises in the Baltic Sea. Showing off force in front of the Russian home, what do you want Russia to think?

2. Behind the two maritime incidents is escalating hostility. In the western Pacific Ocean, on the face of it, Russia seemed a little careless. The collision was imminent, and the Russian soldiers were still wearing underwear sunbaths, which was really too big. But the vast sea, the two ships can come together, more shows that the two sides have been fighting bravery, but these two times to play fire, play more thrilling!

Third, it is not just Americans who will put extreme pressure on them, but brinkmanship Russia is very good at it. The Americans are conceited, deploying troops around the world and claiming freedom of navigation everywhere, but Russia is also becoming more and more powerful, laying out hard steel in the western Pacific and the Mediterranean. Isn't this another brinkmanship extreme pressure?

I have to say, in the military field, the main players are the United States and Russia, Russia is really hard enough, a lot of extreme action, but this should be only the prologue, do not rule out the next more dramatic scene. After all, Russia is really in a hurry, ordered to take the initiative to collide, the Russians are not undone!

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