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The United States announced sanctions against Iran's largest petrochemical company, the finance minister said.
Jun 8,2019
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SMM News: on Friday, the US Treasury announced sanctions against the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Corporation and its 39 subsidiaries on the grounds that it provided financial support to construction companies owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards of Iran. The Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Corporation is the largest and most efficient petrochemical enterprise in Iran, accounting for 40% of Iran's annual petrochemical production and 50% of its exports. U. S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said, "the move is to warn any organization that provides financial support to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards."

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Pompeo said the policy is a new measure of "extreme pressure" on Iran and will cut off the economic sources needed by the Iranian government to "destabilize the Middle East." In April, the U. S. government listed Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. Us financial institutions have frozen the assets of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in the United States, and any individual in the United States will be banned from supporting the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and personnel related to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards will also be banned from entering the United States.

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