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Huawei Company issues latest statement on Meng Wanzhou incident
Source:Global Times
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SMM News: the Canadian court discussed the technical issues at the legal level in the general case of Meng at 9:30 on June 6, Canada time (00:30 on June 7, Beijing time). Vice President of Media Affairs, Huawei

Mr Meng's lawyers said Mr Meng's lawyers believed the US crackdown on Huawei and the US president's comments also showed that the case was driven by political and economic factors, not by the rule of law. Ms. Meng

In this way, he and his counsel will request the court to terminate the extradition proceedings on the grounds of abuse of procedure.

The following is the full text of the statement by Benjamin Howes, Vice President of Media Affairs of Huawei:

Good morning, everyone. I'm Benjamin Howes, vice president of media affairs at Huawei.

Thank you for your attention to this case. Today, on behalf of Huawei, I would like to make a brief statement to help you better understand Huawei's position. Out of respect for the judicial process, I will not answer questions later.

First, the charges against Ms. Meng by the United States do not constitute an offence under Canadian law, and the application for extradition does not conform to the core principles of the Canadian extradition Act.

Under Canadian law, an alleged act may not be extradited if it does not constitute an offence in Canada. The U. S. charges against Ms. Meng are based on violations of unilateral financial sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran, which Canada has not yet imposed.

There are financial sanctions against Iran, so the relevant transactions of banks do not have the risk of violating Canadian law, which will not lead to the risk of loss of economic benefits to banks.

So Ms. Meng's alleged actions in the United States do not constitute a crime in Canada, and Ms. Meng should be released immediately.

Ms Meng's lawyer will also file a motion in January 2020 to refute the US application for the extradition of Ms Meng on fraud charges.

Secondly, the evidence submitted by the United States Government is insufficient and the charges against Ms. Meng are not valid.

There is no evidence that Ms Meng has misled any financial institutions, nor is the PPT statement made by Ms Meng to a foreign bank in Hong Kong in August 2013 misleading.

Bank personnel are fully aware of the actual situation of the relevant issues, the judgment of the relevant issues do not need to rely on Ms. Meng's statement. In addition, the bank is fully aware of the nature of Skycom's business and operations in Iran, as well as Huawei and

The relationship between Skycom.

Ms. Meng and her lawyers will elaborate further on this issue at a follow-up hearing.

Thirdly, there is a serious abuse of law enforcement procedures in Canada, and Ms. Meng's constitutional rights have been violated.

Ms. Meng and her lawyer believe that Ms. Meng's legal rights at the time of her arrest at the airport have been seriously violated. Canada's law enforcement action against Ms. Meng is an abuse of the extradition proceedings in the United States and Canada and is dressed in the guise of an extradition procedure.

Illegal collection of evidence to the detriment of individual rights.

Ms. Meng's lawyer will file a disclosure motion in September 2019 to obtain more records of the unfair treatment Ms. Meng suffered at the airport on 1 December 2018.

Finally, Ms. Meng's lawyers believe that the crackdown on Huawei by the United States and the remarks made by the President of the United States also show that the case is driven by political and economic factors, not by the rule of law. Ms. Meng and her lawyer will mention this.

The Tribunal is requested to terminate the extradition proceedings on the grounds of abuse of procedure.

Huawei strongly supports Ms. Meng in defending her legitimate rights and interests. We also believe that the Canadian judicial system can hear the case fairly and efficiently and make a judgment in favor of Ms. Meng.

Thank you!

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