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Come on! Boris declined Trump spot gold rose nearly $10 in 45 minutes
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SMM News: Brexit leader Boris Johnson, a former foreign secretary and former mayor of Greater London, turned down an invitation from US President Donald Trump to meet because he was going to the campaign, foreign media reported on Wednesday. International spot gold rose like a rainbow on Wednesday, rising nearly US $10 in 45 minutes, refreshing a three-and-a-half-month high of US $1335.05 / ounce, an increase of about 0.74%. It broke through the US $1330 and US $1335 mark in a row. Global geopolitical turmoil and trade tensions have been driven by rising expectations of the Fed cutting interest rates twice this year. Earlier, the RBA and other central banks cut interest rates, the European Central Bank's future interest rate cut expectations have also increased, market analysts believe that the global central bank has entered a rate cut cycle, the cost of holding gold has dropped, increasing the attractiveness of gold.


Boris insists on Brexit Trump's trip to the UK at the end of October against protests

Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) 's speech during his candidacy for the next British prime minister warned the Conservative Party that it would face extinction if it did not leave the European Union, according to foreign media reports. Johnson told lawmakers from the party's centrist "one country" (One Nation) that getting Britain out of the EU by the end of October was crucial. He argued that he was the candidate to send away Farage and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Jeremy Corbyn). Whether or not a Brexit agreement is reached, he said, he will lead Britain out of the European Union on October 31.

Johnson ruled out the possibility of holding an early general election or suspending parliament to push for Brexit without an agreement. "We are facing a very difficult situation and we have to be ready, eventually, but not immediately, to defeat Jeremy Corbyn," Johnson said. Get Farage back in his box. " We are facing a life-and-death crisis and we will not be forgiven if we do not achieve Brexit on October 31.

A 20-foot balloon depicting US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) in diapers rose over London on Tuesday morning local time as thousands protested against the US president's state visit to Britain.

A giant balloon called "Trump Baby" was unveiled at 10:30 local time on Tuesday. London time is close to demonstrations by British protesters to express dissatisfaction with the president and his policies. Organizers say strong winds in the British capital delayed the entire flight of the balloon, but by 11:15 the balloon had risen to an altitude of 30 feet above the ground.

By 11:00 in the morning, the "stop Trump" coalition and other campaign organizations began to hold a gathering. Thousands of people walk from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street at London time. Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police) cordoned off but allowed protesters a clear view of the entrance to 10 Downing Street, the prime minister's official residence., a well-known financial information website, wrote a new article on Wednesday to make a forward-looking analysis of the trend of gold in Japan. Gold has been trading horizontally since yesterday, fluctuating around $1325.00 an ounce, said. Gold needs to get rid of negative momentum and gain enough positive momentum to continue the main bullish trend, with the next target set at $1346.70 an ounce.

Gold concern level today

Key level: 1320.00

Trading strategy: above 1320.00, bullish, with a target price of 1329.00, then 1335.00.

Alternative strategy: under 1320.00, bearish, target price set at 1316.00, then 1312.50.

Technical comments

The RSI index was 50% higher than the neutral range.

Silver concern level today

Key level: 14.7300

Trading strategy: above 14.7300, bullish, with a target price of 14.8600, then 14.9200.

Alternative strategy: under 14.7300, bearish, target price set at 14.6900, then 14.6500.

Technical comments

RSI indicators suggest that action can be reduced.

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