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Gou: a tsunami bigger than the financial tsunami is coming
Jun 5,2019 15:54CST
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SMM6, 5 June: June 2, Hon Hai Group Chairman Gou Taiming said publicly that the current situation, than the financial tsunami is about to come. He said that recently, many small and medium-sized enterprises have not been able to get orders, and the seriousness of this problem is beyond everyone's estimate and imagination.

Gou, a famous entrepreneur in Taiwan, is the chairman and general manager of the Foxconn Group (Foxconn) and Hon Hai Precision, as well as Taiwan's richest man. In April this year, he announced that he would take part in the KMT primary election for the leader of the Taiwan region in 2020. He made such a meaningful remark at this time. Gou, as a big brother among entrepreneurs, has been ploughing deep in the corporate world for many years. Gou should know exactly what is going on in the corporate world, and it should be very credible to make such a weighty prediction based on his qualifications and experience. Many people may disagree that the financial crisis is unfounded, but that may not be the case. The 2008 global financial crisis occurred 11 years ago, when no one could have expected a financial tsunami. The United States was still two years ago, and a year later the subprime mortgage crisis broke out in the United States, followed by a global financial tsunami. The impact on the global economy remains.

History tells us that the outbreak of crisis is in an instant, in today's world of black swans, no one can predict what will happen in the next second. It is certain that this year will be a very difficult year, perhaps as Gou said. The financial tsunami is coming.

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