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Mitsubishi and other six companies work together to use Electric vehicles as Virtual Power plants to promote Power Grid Stability
Jun 5,2019
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SMM News: according to foreign media reports, Tokyo Electric Power holding Company (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.), Tokyo Electric Power Energy partner Company (TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc.), Mitsubishi Motor Company (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation), Hitachi system Power Service Co., Ltd. (Hitachi Systems Power Services, Ltd.) formed an alliance with Shizuoka Gas Company (Shizuoka Gas Co.,). Apply for funding to cover the cost of the "demonstration project for the construction of virtual power plants using demand-side energy resources in fiscal 2019 (V2G integration project)" (FY2019 Virtual Power Plant Construction Demonstration Project That Utilizes Demand-side Energy Resources (V2G Aggregator Project). The project was launched publicly by the Japanese Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,METI) through the Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative (Sustainable open Innovation Initiative,SII), and applications from several companies were approved on May 30. From June 3 to February 17, 2020, several companies will work together to experiment with the project in five locations in Japan.

In recent years, due to production fluctuations and solar and other renewable energy (RES) power generation surplus, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a stable energy supply. In order to maintain the stability of the power grid, the power plant needs to be adjusted flexibly, but the maintenance price of the power grid is very high just for the sake of adjustment. Therefore, the momentum of building the virtual power plant (VPP) is increasing, and the virtual power plant is a new mechanism. The relationship between the continuous introduction of renewable energy and the stability of the power grid can be balanced at low cost.

The demonstration project aims to balance the relationship between the continuous introduction of renewable energy and the stability of the power grid by using electric vehicles, including EV and PHEV, as sources of virtual power plants. V2G (car to power grid) can exchange power between EV/PHEV accumulator and power grid in both directions, so as to adjust power supply and demand. Japan plans to commercialize V2G in fiscal year 2021, so it is working on a viable business model.

This is the second time that the six companies have participated in the project, which was funded by the Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry of Japan through the Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative in fiscal year 2018. In fiscal year 2018, the companies worked together for the first time to establish an experimental environment for two-way power exchange between EV/PHEV and the grid, and proved that the technology can help promote the stability of the power grid.

The project will use about 40 additional EV/PHEV vehicles (a total of 59) to create the largest experimental environment in Japan. In addition, in response to the travel needs of EV/PHEV, the company will try to control EV/PHEV parked at different experimental locations at the same time through an online system.

The alliance, made up of six companies, aims to promote the introduction of renewable energy into the power grid and to address energy / environmental issues through the effective use of accumulators in EV/PHEV.

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