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Today cobalt lithium new energy industry talent recruitment information summary!
Jun 3,2019 15:45CST
Source:SMM Cobalt Lithium New Energy
The content below was translated by Tencent automatically for reference.

We're not a recruitment platform,

But we have received help from companies again and again.

"We are in urgent need of a technician. Help us find it!"

"We are in urgent need of a salesperson. Help us find it!"

We think again and again,

Why did the corporate job fair find us?


The client said to me,

We have a wide range of accurate readers in the cobalt lithium new energy industry,

They are engaged in the industry every day and care about it.

We have people in the cobalt lithium new energy industry,

We have gathered companies in the cobalt lithium new energy industry,

They are the most accurate job seekers and the most accurate recruiters.

We have a responsibility to do more for the industry free of charge.


"help Enterprises recruit million Traffic Plan"

We intend to spend a year, on our WeChat official account, official website, App, daily synchronous update of corporate recruitment information.

We plan to use millions of traffic to help enterprises recruit within a year. Special statement: we release it completely free of charge!


How do I publish it? What are the release rules?


1. Publishing principle: fair and orderly, true and effective, each responsible

Fair and orderly: we welcome any unit that publishes compliant recruitment information on the platform. The order of display is based on the order of time, followed by the order of time. Malicious screen brushing and marketing under false names are prohibited.

True and effective: recruitment information should be true and effective, we set up a complaint channel, once the complaint audit is false information, will be permanently included in the credit blacklist and exposed.

Take responsibility: as a non-recruitment platform, we will try our best to review the recruitment information, but can not ensure that the information is true and effective. We hope that job seekers will judge and take responsibility for themselves.

2. How to publish it?

The main venue of our recruitment campaign is WeChat official account "SMM Cobalt Lithium New Energy", this website and App are traffic exposure platform. If you want to post recruitment information, please move to WeChat official account.

Open WeChat-search-official account-enter "SMM Cobalt Lithium New Energy" to follow!

3. Release process

a. Xiaobian every working day before 17:00 in the afternoon (the specific time is uncertain) will be eligible for recruitment information will be selected out, and reprinted every day, at the same time updated to the official website, App and other platforms.

b. The recruitment information of each enterprise can be hung up for up to 30 days at a time and can be updated again after expiration.

c. At the end of this article, if the recruitment information left at the end of this article needs to be modified or has been recruited, please delete the message by yourself. The editor will also delete the expired recruitment information regularly.

d. Click on the bottom left corner of the text "read the full text" can be a button to our website to view recruitment information.

e. If you need to complain or contact the editor, please email to 2881050926@qq.com

f. The maximum interpretation right of this activity is owned by SMM Cobalt Lithium New Energy, and we will be removed from the shelves in the event of force majeure.

Please click on the link below to view recruitment information!


WeChat official account QR code, open WeChat scan to follow

new energy

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