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[6.3 Lithium Express]
Jun 3,2019 10:01CST
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[Huawei sets up smart car solution BU] although Huawei has been in the middle of a storm of bullets recently, it has not been able to stop Huawei from moving forward. On May 27, Ren Zhengfei issued an organization change document, marking the formal establishment of BU, a smart car solution, under the management of the ICT Management Committee.

[Guangzhou and Shenzhen relax minibus indicators! By the end of next year, Guangzhou will increase by 100000 and Shenzhen by 80, 000! On June 2, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation issued notices on increasing the index of minibuses respectively. From June 2019 to December 2020, Guangzhou City increased the incremental index quota of 100000 small and medium-sized buses. In principle, the bidding index of ordinary cars and the number-shaking index of energy-saving vehicles were allocated according to the proportion of 1:1. The monthly target allocation plan will be announced to the public before the 9th of that month. From June 2019 to December 2020, Shenzhen City increased the number of ordinary cars by 40,000 per year, of which 10,000 were allocated by lottery and 30,000 by competitive bidding. The increase of 40,000 indicators in 2019 was distributed on a monthly basis to June-December 2019, and the increase of 40,000 indicators in 2020 was distributed on an average monthly basis to 12 months of the year.

[Audi Q4 e-tron will be produced at Anting MEB Plant in Shanghai in November] A few days ago, we learned from SAIC Volkswagen that the MEB plant in Anting will be pre-batch production in November this year. At the same time, Audi brand A + SUVe will also enter the production preparation stage this year. At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019, Audi unveiled its first MEB platform electric car, Q4e Tron, during which Audi AG insiders revealed that Q4 e-tron was expected to go into production at SAIC Volkswagen. Judging from the wheelbase of the concept car, which is 2.77m long, the Q4 e-tron model is positioned as the A + class. Based on the above information, SAIC Audi A + SUVe is expected to be Q4 e-tron. With reference to the mileage of the Q4 e-tron concept car over 450km under WLTP operating conditions, it is estimated that the mileage of the domestic Q4 e-tron under NEDC operating conditions will exceed 500km, which is significantly ahead of that of Tesla's domestic Model 3 NEDC operating conditions, which announced the price announced today.

[Alaka'i Technologies launches hydrogen fuel cell flying vehicle Skai] according to foreign media reports, Alaka'i Technologies has launched a super-large hydrogen-powered electric flying vehicle, Skai, which may be used as an air taxi, cargo aircraft and air first aid aircraft in the future. However, experts believe that there are still many regulatory obstacles that need to be overcome before obtaining flight permits in the future. With six motors at the top of the Skai and an internal seat for five passengers, the flying car can take off and land vertically, similar to drones. It is said that testers can use a set of handles to complete flight tests, and in the future, their driving technology will develop to remote control flight and even autopilot flight.

The 23rd Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau International Automobile Expo and New Energy and Intelligent vehicle Fair will open in Shenzhen on June 1. Hezhong car with two mass production models with U, Nezha N01 debut. In this car, gathered a number of cars independently developed technical achievements, such as equipped with independent research and development of HozonEPT2.0 constant temperature battery system, can achieve 95% constant temperature ratio range, equipped with NCM811 high specific energy battery, energy density up to 180whg kg; The electric drive system is upgraded to EPT2.0 version synchronously, which can cover 90% of the comprehensive efficiency of wide speed ratio and 4.9s of acceleration at 100km, which can meet the certification of AsilC safety products. The comprehensive operating condition of NEDC reaches more than 500km and the maximum range is 660km, which really realizes the perfect combination of extreme performance and high efficiency kinetic energy.

[three years interest-free Tesla issues Import Model 3 Financial Policy] on the occasion of the listing and opening up of domestic Tesla Model 3, Tesla recently issued a financial policy on the import of Model 3, which runs from now until June 30. Purchase of imported Model 3 models will enjoy a three-year interest-free loan financial policy. Tesla said in a recent article: "from now until June 30, 2019, we will choose a financial solution to buy the imported Model 3 long-lasting rear wheel drive version, the Model 3 long-lasting all-wheel drive version and the Model 3 high-performance all-wheel drive version. You can enjoy 3 years of interest. " In addition, Tesla calculated an account in Weibo, saying that the remaining interest and loan amount can be used to manage the income: one cup of coffee a day should be enough to drink for four years, island travel, round-trip air tickets can buy about eight times. The move is also seen as a measure taken by Tesla to promote the sale of imported Tesla Model 3 after the listing of domestic Tesla Model 3.

[the new concept car will be delivered next year at an acceleration of less than 100 kilometers.] on June 1, Tengji, a joint venture between Daimler and BYD, launched its new concept car, the Concept X, which is the second model owned by Tengshi. Hanging Tengshi brand's latest LOGO. The overall shape of the new car avant-garde, before and after a number of groups of LED lights with embellishment, there will be pure electricity and plug hybrid power, 100 km acceleration time of less than 5 seconds, mass production car version will be delivered in early 2020.

[charging Smart Grid / Tower / Electric vehicle Company Cooperation] Shandong Electric Power of the State Grid Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation, with 132 units and serving more than 45.49 million power customers. In terms of energy services for electric vehicles, Shandong Electric Power, the national network, aims to "make charging as convenient as refueling." at present, 1507 charging stations and 9396 public charging piles have been built. The whole province has realized the electric vehicle travel guarantee network with the expressway as the backbone and the urban public and special charging stations as the support. China Tower is a large communication infrastructure integrated service enterprise, with 1.9 million base stations and a great demand for standby power supply. At present, it is vigorously promoting the recovery and cascade utilization of decommissioned power batteries. Since October 2015, the construction of battery recovery test station, a large number of procurement of electric vehicles retired power batteries and B power batteries. Its subsidiary Shandong Tower manages and operates 130000 towers and related supporting facilities.

[BYD Song Pro DM starts global pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 180000-200000 yuan after subsidy] on June 1, BYD officially announced that its new SUV model Song Pro opened for global pre-sale. Song Pro, which announced the pre-sale price, has two versions: fuel version and DM (plug-in hybrid), of which the pre-price of Song Pro DM is 180000 ~ 200000 yuan after subsidy, and the pre-price of Song Pro pure electric version is expected to be announced later.

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