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Loudi Louxing Industrial concentration area to build "10 billion Iron and Steel Industry chain"
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SMM News: tower towering, machine roar, vehicle shuttle. May 23, long rain early clear, Louxing industrial concentration area Gaoxi innovation and entrepreneurship public service platform construction site, construction workers are scrambling to catch fine weather tense construction. As an important part of the development of characteristic iron and steel industry chain, the completion of this project will effectively promote the improvement of innovation service system and provide strong support for common technological innovations such as new iron and steel materials, molding technology and intelligent manufacturing.

Louxing industrial concentration area is close to Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the supporting service advantage is very obvious, iron and steel deep processing, manufacturing industry development trend is good. In recent years, the park to promote the high-quality development of the iron and steel industry as a breakthrough, continue to focus on building a 10 billion yuan iron and steel industry chain. To carry out the "strong chain" action, in the iron and steel sector, from paying attention to the development of enterprise scale to paying attention to enhancing enterprise value, relying on Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group, Anshi Group and standard factory buildings tailored for enterprises, to develop leading industries. Speed up the injection of science and technology, information and brand elements, promote the continuous refinement of existing industries, improve the quality and efficiency of existing enterprises, and strive to build the iron and steel deep processing industry into a leading and competitive industrial cluster in the province; We will promote the construction of "complementary chains", look for high value-added links that are missing in the industrial chain, extend and fill gaps in the industrial chain, and build a platform for production, learning and research, and a public service platform for iron and steel supporting industrial parks. Develop high value-added precision instruments, high-end equipment, special industries, steel products and other related industries, and increase the research and development of high-tech products and high value-added products, enhance product competitiveness, create regional characteristics brand; The implementation of the "chain extension" project, the cooperation between the park and Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to carry out steel deep processing business, starting from steel shear and distribution and other primary service business, gradually extended to parts processing, through the introduction of equipment manufacturing enterprises, Create "Lianyuan Iron and Steel Deep processing-parts-equipment assembly-terminal products" characteristic industrial chain.

According to reports, with the annual disposal of 1 million tons of scrap steel by Gezhouba Huanjia Company, the 4000 horsepower crushing production line has been officially put into production, and the high-end downstream industries such as Hunan Li Steel's annual output of 500000 tons of galvanized strip and pipe have been put into trial production. With the accelerated construction of the Gaoxi Innovation and Entrepreneurship Public Service platform Project and the Hunan Lingrui 450000 ton High performance / High quality pickling Steel Project, the traditional iron and steel industry in the park is being upgraded step by step. A number of extensive, energy-consuming industries have embarked on the road of intensive and environment-friendly development, and their products have developed from single iron and steel to high-end products such as thin plate, stainless steel, special-shaped steel and so on. In April this year, centralized construction of iron and steel chain industrial projects such as special and intelligent gating systems and fireproof materials, an annual output of 500 sets of high-end environmental protection equipment, and thin plate deep processing and distribution centers, To further upgrade the iron and steel industry structure in Louxing industrial concentration area.

At present, the park has cultivated and gathered 15 iron and steel deep processing and supporting enterprises, and the total output value of the iron and steel industry reached 12.6 billion yuan in 2018. The coming period from January to April this year is even more gratifying.


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