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Jiangtong 9.7 million yuan prize 184 "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" achievements
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SMM News: a few days ago, Jiangtong's second innovation and effectiveness award activities ended smoothly, with a total of 184 awards in four categories. The company gave 9.7 million yuan to the award-winning results.

The second award for innovation and effectiveness was launched in September last year. A total of 296 items were applied for by various units, and 205 items were identified after examination. After expert evaluation and examination and approval of the Innovation and Innovation effect Award Committee, 184 achievements have been awarded awards. Among them, there are 2 first prize, 8 second prize and 12 third prize in scientific and technological progress, 2 second prize and 19 third prize in management innovation, 7 first prize, 13 second prize and 20 third prize in party construction. There are 8 first prize, 24 second prize and 69 third prize. A total of 176.97 million yuan of quantitative benefits were achieved in all the award-winning projects.

In order to stimulate the innovation enthusiasm of all employees and set up an example of innovation, according to the "Management measures for Innovation and effectiveness reward of Jiangxi Copper Group Co., Ltd.", the company decided to set aside 9.7 million yuan to reward the project participants and the members of the second-level unit team.

The company hopes that the winners and all staff will continue to carry forward the scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts, pioneering and enterprising, focus on innovation-driven, and make new and greater contributions to winning the "three-year innovation multiplication" battle for the company.


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