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China's Photovoltaic Module exports soar by 70% in the first quarter to 0.01GW of the United States
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SMM News: China's photovoltaic products export to the United States has been closed, the first quarter of the export volume of components only 0.01GW.

China's photovoltaic module export market has shifted from traditional markets such as the United States and India to emerging markets.

According to the "Analysis of the Import and Export of China's Photovoltaic products in the first quarter of 2019" recently released by the China Association of Mechanical and Electrical products Import and Export (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), in the first quarter of this year, due to the rapid decline in domestic photovoltaic module prices, there was strong demand in overseas emerging markets. China's component products were exported to 186 countries and regions, and the value of component exports increased by 31.89 per cent to US $4.39 billion over the same period last year. Exports rose 77.63 per cent year-on-year to 16.78GW.

In the first quarter, the top five markets for Chinese photovoltaic module exports were Vietnam, the Netherlands, India, Japan and Australia.

Among them, Vietnam overtook India as the largest market for Chinese component exports, with component exports to Vietnam rising 239fold to US $739 million, accounting for 16.8 per cent of total exports.

In the first quarter, Chinese photovoltaic module exports to the United States were only 0.01GW, down 28.9 per cent from a year earlier. In recent years, under the influence of the "201" and "301" trade protection policies of the United States, the number of components exported by China to the United States has gradually decreased.

In 2017, after the United States launched "201" safeguards, the volume of Chinese exports to the United States plummeted by 71.2% to 0.82GW; In 2018, the United States launched a "301st" survey, in which Chinese component exports fell 92.6 per cent to 0.06GW amid a combination of tariffs.

Affected by the "made in India" policy, India has lost its position as the largest market for Chinese component exports. In the first quarter, China exported 1.81GW of Indian components, down 24.4 per cent from a year earlier. The "made in India" policy requires 100% local manufacturing of photovoltaic modules for grid-connected photovoltaic projects developed by the government and central utilities.

Under the influence of the abolition of the double negative policy by the European Union, the number of Chinese exports of EU components increased significantly in the first quarter.

From 2013 to 2017, under the influence of EU dual countermeasures, the number of Chinese photovoltaic modules exported to EU decreased from 5.39GW to 1.16GW.

In September 2018, the EU resumed free trade. From September to December of that year, China exported 2.34GW of EU components, nearly double the amount exported in the first eight months.

In the first quarter, China's exports to Japan rose slightly by 8.2%, to the Netherlands and Spain by 1049.6% and 158.3% respectively, and to Mexico, Ukraine and Pakistan.

According to the report, due to the impact of a variety of trade protection measures in the United States, the door for Chinese photovoltaic products to export to the United States has been closed, and exports to the EU market are expected to grow rapidly after the resumption of free trade in the EU market. Emerging markets such as Mexico, Australia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates will boost exports of Chinese photovoltaic products.

At the same time, the global photovoltaic market is further diversified. The top five markets for component exports accounted for 52% of total exports, down 10 percentage points from 2013.

From the perspective of export enterprises, in the first quarter of this year, The top five enterprises in the export volume of photovoltaic modules in China are Jingke Energy, Jingao Solar Energy (3.330,-0.07,-2.06%), Tianhe Light Energy, Ates and Longji shares (23.880,-0.32%, respectively). The proportion was 12.8%, 8.6%, 8.3%, 7.4% and 6.7%, respectively. The export volume of the top 12 enterprises accounts for more than 65% of the total export volume.

The report predicts that China's photovoltaic module capacity will continue to expand by 8.5% to about 93GW this year, and the global photovoltaic market will grow by about 10%. In addition to supplying domestic demand, China's near 50GW components will be exported to overseas markets, while export prices will continue to fall.


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