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Huachang Aluminum Co., Ltd. has set up a branch in Europe
May 22,2019
Source:Huachang Aluminum Co., Ltd.
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SMM News: a few days ago, Huachang Aluminum Group Europe Branch opened in Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany.

With the help of the national "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and the continuous deepening and development of China-EU economic and trade cooperation, Huachang Aluminum Group has accelerated its overseas layout. On the basis of the existing branches in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, Huachang's products and services have been brought to Europe, raising the awareness of the brand and customer satisfaction again.

After nearly 30 years of continuous development, Huachang Aluminum Group started from an extruder and developed into an integrated international group of aluminum industry, including Weichang aluminum, Huasite doors and windows, and Glencore hardware accessories. Nowadays, our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions overseas, among which Weichang aluminum is among the top three exporters in the country all the year round.

The establishment of the European branch is not only an affirmation of the products and brands of Huachang Aluminum Group, but also a spur. The advanced management concept of the West and the dedication to the fineness of the products will promote the Group to take off again. I believe that with the strong support of Chairman Pan and the Group, the European branch will be able to achieve good results, live up to its mission, and create new and greater resplendence!

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