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Minmetals rare Earth: medium and heavy rare Earth prices are expected to continue to rise
May 20,2019
Source:E Company News
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SMM News: Minmetals rare Earth (000831) said in a recent survey that at 24:00 on May 14, the border between Tengchong and Myanmar was closed, banning the import and export trade of all commodities related to rare earth business. Myanmar rare earth mine is one of the raw material supply channels in China's rare earth industry. The company has done a good job in advance to deal with the work, at this stage the supply of raw materials can better meet the normal production needs of the separated enterprises. The changes on the supply side will have an impact on the prices of rare earth products, such as continued restrictions on the import of raw materials and measures to crack down on rare earth violations, and the prices of medium and heavy rare earth products are expected to continue to rise.

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