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Wall Street Journal headlines: pressure on Huawei stings suppliers
May 18,2019
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SMM News: the Wall Street Journal published an article on the front page of the economic and financial page on May 17, entitled "pressure on Huawei, stinging suppliers." The article said that the US government has introduced policies to restrict the export of parts and technology to Huawei, and Silicon Valley in the United States will also suffer as a result, because Huawei has business contacts with large companies in Silicon Valley, such as buying chips from Qualcomm and Botong. Buy wireless tower parts from Intel, buy software from Oracle, also buy from small technology companies across the United States, and so on. The article also mentioned the resolute response of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang to US pressure on Huawei. The article also uses a diagram to show that, according to the 2018 annual report, a significant portion of these companies' revenue comes from China. Qualcomm 67%, Intel 26%, NVIDIA 24%, Apple 20%.

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