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Jiangsu Weida cable was suspended by the national network for 4 months because of unqualified products.
May 17,2019
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SMM News: recently, the State Grid Corporation e-commerce platform issued the "State Grid Shandong Province Power Company supplier bad behavior handling notice (May 2019)." The processing results show that the 10kV power cable supplied by Jiangsu Weida Cable Co., Ltd. is found to be unqualified by sampling inspection, and the qualification of winning the bid is suspended for 4 months.

According to industrial and commercial publicity information, Jiangsu Weida Cable Co., Ltd. was established on November 15, 1982, registered capital of 52 million yuan, business scope: wire and cable, plastic products, clothing manufacturing, sales; Sales of copper and aluminum wires for electrical equipment and cables; transport of ordinary goods by road.

According to the notice, Jiangsu Weida Cable Co., Ltd. for Shandong Weifang Company 10kV power cable sampling inspection found more serious quality problems.

In order to promote the honest performance of suppliers, ensure the quality of products, ensure the smooth construction of power grid and safe and reliable power supply, In accordance with the Administrative rules for the handling of Bad behavior of suppliers of the State Grid Corporation and the Circular of the Ministry of State Grid Materials explaining the relevant provisions of the rules for the handling of Bad behavior of suppliers of the State Grid Corporation (Materials and Materials) The relevant provisions of the quality Supervision (2019) No. 13), Suppliers with problems such as product quality problems and dishonesty in performance have been dealt with. The specific treatment is as follows: from May 15, 2019 to September 14, 2019, the qualification for winning the bid for the cable will be suspended.

Jiangsu Weida
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