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Jingjiang pollutes "bright sword" to waste lead-acid battery industry
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With the wide application of lead-acid battery, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent. SMM network news: with the wide application of lead battery, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more prominent. From now on to the end of May, the Jingjiang Ecological Environment Bureau and the Public Security Bureau will jointly launch a special rectification work for the waste lead-acid battery industry to "brighten the sword" of environmental pollution in the waste lead-acid battery industry. We will strictly crack down on illegal collection, dumping, disposal and other illegal and criminal acts, and at the same time study the establishment of a long-term mechanism for environmental supervision of the waste lead-acid battery industry to ensure the safety of the ecological environment.

Because of the advantages of low price and stable performance, lead-acid batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage and other fields. At present, China has not yet established a standardized and effective recovery system for lead-acid batteries, and the proportion of formal recovery is less than 30%. Due to the large production and wide distribution of waste lead-acid batteries, cases of illegal collection, dumping, utilization and disposal of waste lead-acid batteries occur from time to time. A large number of waste lead-acid batteries are disassembled and disposed of at will, resulting in air, soil and water pollution.

It is reported that the special rectification scope of the waste lead-acid battery industry includes waste lead-acid battery production enterprises (including lead-acid battery sales enterprises for motor vehicles and electric vehicles). Automobile maintenance factory, 4S shop, automobile disassembly point, auto parts sales service concentration area, electric vehicle maintenance point and other enterprises) and waste lead-acid battery illegal collection, utilization and disposal of black nest. For the enterprises that produce waste lead-acid batteries, the joint inspection team will focus on checking the situation of production, storage, utilization and disposal, etc. For the centralized collection enterprises of waste lead-acid batteries, emphasis will be placed on the inspection of business license, storage, utilization and disposal. The Joint Inspection Unit will also comprehensively investigate the illegal collection, utilization and disposal of waste lead-acid batteries through various channels, such as daily environmental supervision, all kinds of environmental protection supervision, government hotlines, 12369 letters and visits, and so on.

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