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Tesla Model Y's real car is on the road, but its place of production has not yet been determined.
May 13,2019
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SMM News: after a few months of release, Model Y's figure is finally not just on the web. A Model Y was found driving near Tesla's headquarters on a road outside San Jose, northern California.

According to eyewitnesses, the Model Y was also recharged at a charging station in the ChargePoint parking lot while driving.

A few months ago, Tesla's Model S was converted into a crane. Tesla used it to shoot Tesla Corsa at the test track. The discovery of Model Y may also be on some company promotional shooting missions.

The ModelY is a Tesla model that does not have an "eagle wing door". ModelY has previously considered adding wing doors, but then Musk said it would be perfect to pile up too many high-tech designs in one car. Because, a lot of Tesla ModelX owners react, the eagle wing door is easy to close the door, or even rain will enter the water, in many basement or slightly narrow parking spaces, the eagle wing door can not open at all. As a result, ModelY cancelled the eagle wing door design.

Although at the press conference in March, Musk introduced the Tesla Model Y to everyone as a seven-seater SUV model. In fact, however, the basic version of the car is still five seats, and seven seats require an additional $3000. So the car should be called a "five-seater SUV with optional third row seats".

In the interior, the Model 3's iconic non-dashboard, 15-inch full-touch screen, simple center console and hidden air-conditioning tuyere all smell the same smell on the Model Y. Musk has publicly said on Twitter that Model Y has 75 per cent of its parts in general with Model 3.

The performance parameters and vehicle specifications of, Model Y are basically similar to those of Model 3. But as Musk said earlier, because the vehicle is heavier and bigger, even with the same battery pack as the Model 3, the range of the Model Y will be reduced by about 10 per cent.

Four versions of Model Y have been released. The standard extended version of the (Standard range) has a range of 230 miles per hour, with a top speed of 120 mph and an acceleration of 5. 9 seconds at 0. 60 mph (0-96km/h), priced at $39000 (262000 yuan).

The long-range version of the (Long range), which runs 300mph, has a top speed of 130mph, 060mph acceleration of 5.5s, and sells for $47000 (316000 yuan).

The dual-motor four-wheel drive (Dual motor AWD) version runs 280mph, has a top speed of 135mph, 060mph acceleration of 4.8s, and sells for $51000 (343000 yuan).

The high-performance (Performance) runs 280mph, has a top speed of 150mph, 060mph acceleration time of 3.5s, and sells for $60000 (403000 yuan).

For now, users are still most concerned about when the car will be delivered. Tesla said at the press conference that the first deliveries of Model Y will begin in the "fall 2020" and have begun to accept bookings. In fact, however, the entry-level version of the car will not be delivered until the spring of 2021.

At the time, Tesla did not disclose the production plan for the electric car. Speaking on a first-quarter earnings call in 2019, Mr Musk said the company had not yet decided whether to produce Model Y in California or Nevada and said it "hopes to be able to make a decision in the coming weeks".

Tesla's Fremont plant and No. 1 super factory are located in California and Nevada, respectively. Model Y may be based on the Model 3 platform and share approximately 70 per cent of the components with Model 3. As a result, Tesla said, the focus was on the production of 30 per cent of the new parts. Musk also revealed that the company will not wait until the production location has been identified before ordering moulds and other manufacturing equipment, which is already under way.

At the first quarter earnings meeting, Musk also said the team had found a way to produce Model Y at the already busy Fremont plant. It is understood that the addition of Model Y will almost double the output of the plant, which is already overwhelmed by the current climbing task of Model 3's production capacity. It is almost impossible to add Model Y production to the 7000 Model 3 units per week.

Nevada's No. 1 superfactory, on the other hand, has eased slightly. However, the company said it was very difficult to expand its workforce in the state.

According to the information, Tesla's No. 2 super factory in Shanghai began to break ground in January, the latest news said that the foundation of the factory has been laid, is currently under construction of the factory wall, and the assembly workshop is expected to be completed in May.

In addition, as one of the supporting projects of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory, its 220kV substation was officially opened on April 18, and the construction period is expected to be 6 months.

In October 2018, Tesla won nearly 1300 mu of land for the construction of super factories in the port area of Shanghai for 970 million yuan. It is reported that the factory is Tesla's first super factory outside the United States. Tesla CEO Musk has said that production at the Shanghai plant could reach 2000 vehicles a week by the end of the year. Tesla had previously announced that he would produce more than 500000 vehicles in the next 12 months. Among them, the super factory in Shanghai, China will play a big role.

After the super factory is put into production, it will produce models such as Model 3 and Model Y, which will mainly carry the functions of R & D, manufacturing, sales and so on. The new plant will be partially invested as soon as the second half of 2019. It is estimated that in 2 to 3 years, the annual production capacity of 500000 pure electric vehicles will be formed.

It has also been learned that the first Model 3 produced by Tesla's Shanghai factory will not exceed the launch at the end of 2019 at the latest.

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