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"hydrogen" determines Suzhou. Congratulations on your opportunity to visit the Linde hydrogen production plant.
May 7,2019
Source:China Battery Alliance
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Hydrogen energy can not only provide energy, but also meet the requirements of resources, environment and sustainable development. In the hydrogen energy industry chain, hydrogen production is an important link. At present, the main ways of preparing hydrogen gas in China are fossil fuel hydrogen production, industrial by-product hydrogen and electrolytic water hydrogen production. Hydrogen production from fossil fuels, such as hydrogen production from coal and natural gas, is a common method of hydrogen production, which is mature, but it needs to face the problem of carbon emission. The main characteristics of industrial by-product hydrogen technology, including propylene dehydrogenation, ethane cracking and chlor-alkali chemical industry, are that there is no additional carbon emission. At present, most of the hydrogen gas prepared is mainly used to synthesize downstream chemicals. Renewable energy power generation is based on renewable energy large-scale electrolytic water hydrogen production, the cost will have the potential to continue to reduce.

In order to promote the development of the domestic hydrogen energy industry and promote the exchange of upstream and downstream technology in the industry, the China Battery Alliance and the Battery Special Committee of the China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association, together with Linde Group, launched the "2019 New hydrogen production Technology and hydrogen Station Construction Summit Forum". At that time, Wang Yuwu, general manager of business development of Linde Group, will attend the forum and give a speech, and invite guests to visit the Linde hydrogen production plant after the meeting. (100 only)

As the world's leading gas and engineering group, Linde Group is the only company in the world that uses its own technology to design, build and operate hydrogen and syngas plants. In the area of hydrogen production, the purity of hydrogen provided by Linde is as high as 99.9999%, and the production capacity can reach 1000Nm / h to 200000Nm / h. In the construction of hydrogenation stations, Linde has built 90 + hydrogenation stations, adding hydrogen gas 1 million times.

Overview of the meeting:

Meeting time: 21-22 May 2019

Venue: Yajie Hotel, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Guidance Unit:

Organizer: China Battery Union, China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association Battery Committee

Sponsored by Linde Group

Contents of the session:

Development Prospect and Policy interpretation of Global hydrogen Energy Industry chain Development status and Challenge of domestic hydrogen fuel Cell vehicles Planning and layout of hydrogen Energy Industry in Automobile Enterprises Hydrogen production from fossil fuels, Present situation and Application Prospect of Industrial by-product hydrogen and Water Electrolytic hydrogen production Technology; cost composition and influencing factors of hydrogen production; Technical route and operation analysis of capacity scale hydrogenation station construction of domestic hydrogen production plant Technical Progress of Core equipment of hydrogen Station system "National itinerant investigation report of 2019 hydrogen Energy Industry chain Enterprises" released

Highlights of the meeting:

On-the-spot interpretation of more than one high-end theme exchange meeting by authoritative experts

2 organization, industry authority, focus on hot spots

(3) there are unlimited business opportunities for well-known enterprises to participate in the meeting.

4 exclusive research report release part of the data on-site sharing

5 zero distance visit to the hydrogen gas plant of the world famous gas company

Schedule of meetings: (figure)

Meeting costs:

1 registration before April 30, conference fee: 2600 yuan per person;

(2) Registration from May 1 to May 20, meeting fee: 2800 yuan per person;

More than 3 people sign up, meeting fee: 2600 yuan per person.

Including venue fee, Chinese food, dinner fee, information fee, conference service fee, expert fee and so on.

Registration for the meeting:

Media Cooperation contact:

Cui Ying (176 3004 7890)

Tel: 010-53100735


Contact person who signed up for the meeting:

Wang Jie (138 1032 5484)

Tel: 010-53100735


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