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"Distribution Map of wires and cables in China in 2019" comes from Xinhai Copper Industry in Jiangsu Province.
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In 2019, the strong support of the state led to the demand for photovoltaic, offshore wind power, high voltage and other cables, and many enterprises came up with the idea of expanding the cable production lines in the industry. Although affected by the "Xi'an Okai incident," the wire and cable industry has undergone a reshuffle. But now the cable industry concentration is still low.

In the long run, it is imperative for the cable industry to improve the technical content and increase the degree of industrial concentration. For this reason, Shanghai Nonferrous Network, many cable associations in the United Nations, the State Grid, etc., integrate the resources of China's cable industry, and produce the "2019 China Wire and Cable Distribution Map."

We will invite Chinese cable industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the production and supervision, to help China cable distribution map publicity and distribution throughout the process, welcome to join! Jiangsu Xinhai Copper Co., Ltd. quickly joined in early, and entered the "2019 China Wire and Cable Distribution Map" with the strong posture of the naming company.

Jiangsu Xinhai Copper Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, is located in Jiangshu Industrial Zone, Huangtang Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. The factory covers an area of 70 mu, the construction area is about 34500m2, the staff is more than 400 people, the company registered capital is 110.25 million yuan, the total assets is about 500 million yuan.

Xinhai Copper is a research and development, design, manufacturing, sales in one of the professional production of copper conductor materials manufacturers. It is also one of the comprehensive copper rod / wire / wire processing enterprises with relatively complete domestic industrial chain at present. As one of the leading enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry, the company has successfully introduced ERP system and bar code control system, and is gradually developing in the direction of intelligent chemical plant and MES system.

The company mainly produces: oxygen-free copper rod, bright copper rod, copper wire, alloy composite copper wire, beam wire, twisted wire, ultra-fine electronic copper wire, new energy automobile wire, photovoltaic, wire and cable with high performance conductor materials. The products are widely used in many fields, such as new energy vehicles, advanced rail transit, electric power equipment, new generation information technology, national defense military industry, smart grid, robot intelligent manufacturing and so on.

Since 2016, Xinhai Copper has actively responded to the "guidance on creating a good Market Environment to promote structural Adjustment and increase efficiency of Nonferrous Metals Industry" issued by the State Council to speed up technological innovation and structural adjustment. It has taken the initiative to speed up the transformation from the traditional copper rod processing mode to the fine deep processing mode of high-end copper conductor products.

While maintaining the stable development of traditional power cables, household appliances, automobiles, and other fields, we have actively cooperated with customers in the fields of new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, electronics, and so on, and developed a series of copper wire / wire high-end conductor products for emerging industries. Increase the added value of products to seize the high-end application market. At present, in the field of high precision and deep machining copper wire / copper wire (Φ 1mm ~ Φ 0.08mm), the technical level of the company has been in the leading position in the country, and the production and sales volume is firmly in the first echelon.

In 2018, Xinhai Copper was listed in Chujiang Xinshi (Securities Code: SZ002171) strategy. The two sides will establish a deep strategic partnership in the production of copper conductor materials for new energy vehicles and work together to create a leading copper conductor for new energy vehicles and increase their market share. The two sides will jointly develop "copper conductor materials for new generation of new energy and new energy vehicles" to ultimately achieve the goal of leading domestic technology and replacing imported products.

Xinhai Copper has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to introduce dozens of sets of double-head drawing units, multi-head drawing / wire drawing units and beam wire units, which are leading in the world, to expand the production capacity of copper wire / wire and improve the quality of products.

It is estimated that by 2020, Xinhai Copper is expected to reach an annual output of 170000 tons, copper wire / wire annual sales of 135000 tons, sales revenue of more than 7 billion yuan. In the next five years (2020 to 2024), Xinhai Copper will continue to introduce advanced technology and new equipment, and strive to expand the sales scale of copper wire / wire to more than 200000 tons, and the annual sales revenue will exceed 10 billion yuan.

Xinhai Copper has more than 700 customers all over the country, including more than 20 listed and quasi-listed enterprises, dozens of leading enterprises in the industry, and has accumulated a large number of loyal and high-quality customers. Xinhai Copper strives to become a domestic copper wire / wire fine deep processing enterprise with large scale, advanced equipment and strong comprehensive competitiveness.

This time, by Jiangsu Xinhai Copper Industry named "2019 China Wire and Cable Distribution Map" mainly includes what content?

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