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Trump's in trouble again! The words of the new nomination for the board of directors of the Federal Reserve are amazing!
Mar 27,2019
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SMM3, March 27: on Friday, Trump said he would nominate Moore as a Fed governor, a nomination that has immediately drawn criticism from many economists and is considered to be the Fed's most political appointment since the 1980s. Bruce Bartlett, an economist, said on Twitter that Moore knew "nothing about the Fed or monetary policy". "Moore opposes mainstream fiscal theory because he doesn't understand them at all," said Jonathan Chet, a political commentator. " Monetary economist George Selkin says he doesn't think Moore is fit to serve on the board.

Asked if the Fed would cut interest rates, Moore said he was not sure, but in a few days he turned, saying the Fed should immediately change its policy direction and cut its theory by 50 basis points. "I think the decision to raise interest rates in December is puzzling and commodity prices have fallen sharply," Moore said. "

Although some people have mentioned interest rate cuts, including those such as Yellen and Brad, they only say that it is possible, Moore directly said that interest rate cuts immediately, and it is 50 points, which is really amazing. At present, it is widely believed that interest rate cuts will begin after the recession, and the recession will occur 1-2 years after the inverted US bond yield. Obviously, in the eyes of Fed officials, the current interest rate cut is only possible in theory. Not to the point where interest rates need to be cut, Moore is clearly worried. On the other hand, perhaps to cater to Trump's need for a weak dollar is also unknown.

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