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Formal waste lead battery recovery enterprise burden too heavy VAT tax rebate proportion to raise the voice!
Jan 16,2019
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SMM1, 16th, news:

In order to help solve the problem of lead battery recovery, based on the "sale, collection and collection" recovery project management carried out by the State Council for the comprehensive treatment of lead battery, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network has developed the "Nonferrous lead finding" SaaS system. The system realizes the platform management, opens up the whole link of the battery circulation ecological chain, from the sales and distribution of the new battery to the recovery and storage of the waste battery, and realizes the whole process control of the battery in the storage and on the way. To achieve the source of the battery, flow path can be traced back. At present, the platform has been successfully applied by many enterprises in the industry, welcome to come to understand and consult. "View detail

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