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Selection of National Copper processing Materials "quality Trader" in 2018
Dec 18,2018
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China has a wide variety of copper processing materials (copper strip, copper bar, copper foil, copper tube, copper bar, copper rod, copper wire, copper alloy, etc.). Since 2003, it has become the largest producer and consumer of copper in the world. In recent years, due to economic growth driven by copper consumption, the domestic market copper demand and output have increased significantly, 2017 output reached more than 17 million tons, accounting for 67% of the world. As the hub of market consumption, copper processing material traders play an extremely important role in the circulation link of copper consumption market.

V. Notes for participation in the Evaluation

1. The selection enterprises shall apply voluntarily, and no fee shall be levied on the selection process;

2. The top 10 enterprises scored in this evaluation, do not set the ranking, announced in Shanghai Nonferrous Network for 7 days, subject to social supervision;

3. During the evaluation period and the publicity period, if the enterprise is found to have provided false information, broken promises, included in the list of business anomalies or major business records in violation of regulations, the qualification for selection shall be revoked.

4. Award date: March 28, 2019 (14th) Shanghai Copper and Aluminum Summit

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