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[analyst selection] recruitment hero please stay and have a competition related to your future!
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Fight the sword and go to the rivers and lakes, the financial autumn soldiers

Don't worry about the friends who don't have bosom friends in front of you, FX168 knows you best!

FX168 fourth analyst selection of rivers and lakes recruitment! The registration channel has now been opened!

Whether you're pointing out the holy hands of rivers and mountains,

A famous investor

Or is it a high folk person who is hidden in the city?

A grassroots masses with dreams

As long as you're talented, you can trade, you have courage, you have dreams.

Come on!

Sign up for the fourth FX168 analyst selection!

To give you the stage to become famous in the first world war!

Realize your dream of fame and fame!

Since ancient times, many heroes have been buried,

Is it always lonely on the road to analysis and trading, lack of confidants and opponents?

Have you watched the k-line jump countless times, but there is no way to verify the strategy surging?

Whether it has been an obscure collection of data, writing research reports, analyzing the market, and providing strategies

Without attention and applause?

You, who are ambitious and have unique skills,

All that is missing may be an opportunity,

FX168 fourth analyst selection at the right time!

Good wind with strength, send you up to Qingyun!

It's here

Multi-dimensional selection from the Perspective of Specialty

Precise group of analysts involved

Integrated operation from online to offline

All kinds of high-quality resources of authoritative organizations and media

The continued attention of tens of thousands of fans

Million traffic concentrated exposure

Just waiting for your skill competition, the decisive battle!

The gold list of the competition is hanging high, who participates in the selection of the competition.

You have a chance to be honored by FX168 Financial Group.

Including personal best strategy award, best trading variety award, best popularity analyst, champion and runner-up;

Team popularity Award, team yield Award, team Best support Award.

And so on.

And by, the star of securities

And so on dozens of authoritative media reports.

The winner has a better chance of being hired by FX168 Financial Group

And recommend interviews with well-known financial institutions!

Declare your achievements and raise your name

One stop to become famous! You are the financial star of tomorrow!

The competition for deer in the ring shows the true character of a hero.

Brilliant from the gas to swallow mountains and rivers!

Notes on registration for the competition:

I. participants

No age, seniority, occupation restrictions! As long as you love trading, you can do a single, dare to speak! You can sign up for this contest.

II. Competition time

Registration time: from now until October 14

Preliminary match time: October 17 to November 15

Final time: November 19 to November 23

Summit awards: 13 December

III. Schedule

Preliminary trading session: (10.17 to 11.15)

Trading part of the starting capital of $10,000, based on the rate of return as the selection criteria, the higher the rate of return, the higher the ranking, if the rate of return is the same, the lower the maximum withdrawal rate, the higher the ranking, setting a total of 15 finalists.

Final session: (11.19 to 11.23)

Compete with the two modules of strategy and speech, rank according to the comprehensive score, and decide to be the champion and runner-up.

IV. Award setting

Best foreign exchange analyst

Best Precious Metals analyst

Best crude oil analyst

Best Strategy analyst

Best single Strategy analyst

Best popularity analyst

Champion and runner-up


Scan the QR code below to participate in the fourth FX168 analyst selection! Start your era of glory!


For more details and rules of the competition, please visit the official activity website to find out!

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