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SMM July 17 Shanghai Nickel spot Express
Jul 17,2018
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SMM July 17: Russian nickel than Wuxi main 1808 contract water rise about 100 yuan / ton, Jinchuan nickel than Wuxi main 1808 contract water rise about 750 yuan / ton. Jinchuan Company today electrolytic nickel (board) Shanghai offer 110500 yuan / ton, 1300 yuan / ton lower than yesterday. Last week, the import window opened one after another, some Russian nickel into the country, and Jinchuan goods more and more tense, resulting in Jinchuan Russian nickel price difference continues to widen. Wuxi compared with yesterday's center of gravity continued to fall, the transaction situation has improved, Russian nickel trading situation is better than Jinchuan nickel. The market believes that nickel prices continue to callback limited, the mainstream transaction in 109450 ≤ 110200 yuan / ton.

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