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Weekly Review of spot Trading of basic Metals in SMM (2018.7.2 ≤ 2018.7.6)
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SMM7, 6 June:

Jinchuan company shipping enthusiasm this week, Shanghai offer from last Friday's 116,500 yuan / ton down to 112.5 million yuan / ton, a cumulative reduction of 4000 yuan / ton. Russian nickel is about 1807 yuan / ton higher than Wuxi main 1807 contract, Jinchuan nickel is about 500 yuan / ton higher than Wuxi main 1807 contract. Jinchuan Russian nickel price difference widened, mainly because the import window has been opened one after another, some Russian nickel in the bonded area into the country, and circulation in the spot market. The rally rose slightly this week, mainly as a result of falling market prices. In terms of transactions, although nickel prices also fell in the first half of the week, but the market transaction is general, downstream more think nickel prices will continue to callback, waiting for the right opportunity to buy at low prices. In the second half of the week, nickel prices increased downward, downstream transactions significantly improved, steel mills to take positive, the overall transaction situation is better.

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