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Report: Huawei launches lithium-silicon battery
Oct 24,2018 16:59CST
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Silicon anodes in the battery will extend its shelf life and power-retention capacity during charging

SHANGHAI, Oct 24 (SMM) – Huawei Consumer Business Group on Monday October 8 unveiled a patented lithium-silicon battery that would improve charging speeds and safety. The company is likely to use the battery in upcoming Huawei smartphones, Huawei said in a statement.

Silicon anodes in the lithium-silicon battery contain more power than graphite-based batteries. This extends the battery's shelf life and its power-retention capacity.

Huawei says that the battery has a 3D nitrogen carbon coating that can be synthesized at a low temperature and has a high conductivity that supports ultra-fast charging.

Unlike traditional fast-charging solutions, this ultra-fast technology employs a relatively low-voltage and high-current formula to maximise the amount of current entering the device while minimising efficiency and heat losses.


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