Environmental probes, maintenance to cut output of secondary lead in Anhui

Industry News 04:08:57PM Oct 10, 2018 Source:SMM

SHANGHAI, Oct 10 (SMM) – Output of secondary refined lead in Anhui province is expected to shrink about 10,000 mt in October as a new round of environmental probes and maintenance works at some smelters begin, SMM estimates.

Smelters in Anhui received notification on Wednesday October 10 about of the start of a new round of environmental probes by the provincial government, which is likely to last for two weeks. About 5,000 mt of secondary lead output is expected to be impacted by this move.

A major smelter in Jieshou city suspended operation on Tuesday October 9 to undertake maintenance for a month.

SMM data showed that, under normal operation, smelters in Anhui can produce some 45,000 mt of secondary refined lead per month.