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Qinghai to Build 120,000 Tonnes of Lithium Carbonate with Plenty Lithium Resources
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SHANGHAI, Jun. 27 (SMM) – Qinghai, enjoying the most plenty lithium resource in China, reports rapidest development of lithium industry in the country.

Lithium has wide application prospect, especially in E-vehicle storage. Lithium battery market will possess trillion yuan of production value in the future, with its application in storage at producers and household.

Global lithium resource distributes widely, but reserves are limited, mainly in South America and China. About 80% of lithium resources in China are in Qinghai, with preliminary proved lithium chloride reserves at 22.48 million tonnes at present.

For now, Qinghai has built 33,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate capacity, and 120,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate capacity are under construction. Lithium cathode materials capacity reaches 39,000 tonnes in the province, including completed and unconstructed capacities.

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