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Nonferrous scrap processor to have its base in South Dakota
Nov 10,2015 10:33CST
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The newly formed nonferrous scrap processing company-Dakota Metals will be based in Beresford, South Dakota.

By Paul Ploumis (ScrapMonster Author)

November 09, 2015 07:40:11 AM

SPOKANE (Scrap Monster): Dakota Metals-the newly formed nonferrous scrap processing company, currently based in Sioux Falls, will have its new base in Beresford, South Dakota. According to Mark Ridall, CEO, Dakota Metals, the company is currently building a new facility and office premises in Beresford.

The new facility is expected to become one of the few facilities capable of performing recovery and separation of micro fines from shredder residue. The facility will employ most modern equipment to ensure recovery of minute particles as small as 15 or less millimeters in size. Ridall announced that the company has already entered into purchase agreement with an equipment supplier, but has denied providing further details on the deal. However, he affirmed that the Beresford facility will be capable of recovering coffee-ground-size pieces of metal.

Ridall also announced appointment of industry veteran Peter S. Mason who possess over 35 years of experience in nonferrous metal recycling industry, into the company. Mason has joined the company as Director-Metal Trading and will be in charge of daily buying and selling of materials by the company.

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