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Japan releases deformed bar export statistics for July 2015
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Sep 8,2015

By  Paul Ploumis 08 Sep 2015  Last updated at  03:37:12 GMT

TOKYO (Scrap Monster): The Japanese Ministry of Finance (MoF) has released the details of deformed bar exports by the country during the month of July this year.

According to MoF data, the deformed bar exports by the country during July this year totaled 48,870 mt. The value of exports totaled 2,537.894 million yens during the month. The export price averaged at US $422.17 per mt (Yen 51,932 per mt) during the month.

The largest importer of Japanese deformed bars was the USA. The deformed bar imports by the USA totaled 24,724 mt, contributing over 50% of the total exports by Japan during the month. In second place was South Korea with total imports of 19,368 mt Japanese deformed bars. The other major importers were Canada (2,981 mt), Guam (610 mt), Myanmar (363 mt), Vietnam (342 mt), Paraguay (310 mt), China (150 mt) and Thailand (24 mt).

The country’s total deformed bar exports during the initial seven-month period of the year amounted to 267,378 mt. The average export price during this period was US $441.77 per mt (Yen 53,185 per mt).

The USA imported more than 70% of the Japanese exports during the seven-month period from January to July this year. The US imports during Jan-July ’15 totaled 189,825 mt. The US was followed by South Korea with total imports of 39,687 mt during the above period. In third place was Canada with total imports of 12,591 mt. The other primary importers of Japanese deformed bars during the seven-month period were Guam (11,212 mt), Peru (5,567 mt), Puerto Rico (4,944 mt), China (1,139 mt), Vietnam (918 mt), Myanmar (365 mt), Paraguay (310 mt) and Taiwan (259 mt).

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