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China Air Quality Monitored More Severely, Outdated Capacity Elimination Conference in Fujian
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Jan 18,2013

 SHANGHAI, Jan. 18 (SMM) – The website carefully selects major Chinese news for you.

Department of Industrial Policies Hold Symposium on Outdated Capacity Elimination
Department of Industrial Policies held symposium on outdated capacity elimination on January 8 in Fujian city, in order to implement the spirit of national industrialization and informatization work conferences and do a better job in eliminating backward capacity. 

Aluminum industry in Guangxi Should Shift Development Mode
Aluminum industry has become an important pillar industry for the economic development of Guangxi due to rich aluminum resources, despite high energy consumption, high pollution and resources consumption. Aluminum industry in Guangxi, though, is restricted by industry policies on one hand and by development and comprehensive utilization mechanism of clean energy on the other. Aluminum industry in Guangxi fails to realize high effectiveness and high added value owing to backward energy development and comprehensive utilization mechanism and other factors. With high energy consumption and high emission, the development of aluminum industry faces difficulties. Aluminum industry in Guangxi should shift its development mode from high energy consumption and high emission to low carbon.

Discussions on Global Mercury Pollution and Emission
Members of around 900 from more than 130 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland during January 14-18 to conduct the last round of talks on UN Mercury Convention. They tried to formulate a legally binding global pact to prevent and control global pollution and emission of heavy metal mercury with severe toxicity.

Guangxi to Close More than 1,165 Mines by Late 2015
To strengthen efforts in shutting down old mines and improving conditions of safe production, Guangxi recently introduced the Rectifying and Closing Plan on Metal and Nonmetal Mines of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 2012-2015 (hereafter referred to as the Plan). According to the Plan, Guangxi is set to close (or rectify) more than 1,165 mines by late 2015, and effectively control mining activity without licenses and illegal mining actions. Small mines will also realize legal mining, and safety conditions at mines will improve further. Scale production, mechanization, standardization, informatization, and scientification will be further promoted. Safety accidents will decrease, large accidents will be controlled effectively, and serious accidents will be resolutely eliminated.

Ministry of Environmental Protection to Strengthen Air Quality Monitoring 
National Environmental Protection Working Conference 2013 will be held in the coming week. According to sources, the government will conduct energy saving and emission reduction work more strictly and give priority to solving prominent environmental problems that damage people's health. The Ministry of Environmental Protection will step up efforts in monitoring air quality, execute new air quality standards, and make concrete plans on pollution prevention.


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