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U.S. January Brass Mill Imports, Exports up from Year Ago
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Mar 17,2011

Mar.16 (Reuters) - U.S. imports of brass mill products increased by 0.4 percent in the first month of the year from the corresponding 2010 period, and exports climbed 2.9 percent, an industry group said late Tuesday.

Imports of all brass mill products into the United States in January grew to 37,088,491 lbs from 36,948,510 lbs in the year-ago period, the Copper and Brass Fabricators Council said in its monthly report.

Exports advanced to 17,687,288 lbs in January from 17,185,351 lbs in January 2010, it added.

Canada was the leading destination for U.S. exports of brass mill products in January at 6,216,480 lbs, followed by Mexico at 5,644,556 lbs, China at 1,235,941 lbs, South Korea at 631,426 lbs and Germany at 358,854 lbs.

Imports were largest in January from Germany at 6,594,256 lbs, followed by South Korea at 4,850,448 lbs, Mexico at 3,756,200 lbs, Canada at 3,749,070 lbs and China at 2,689,859 lbs.

Imports of all sheet, strip, plate and foil products totaled 11,055,547 lbs, and exports of those products amounted to 7,189,957 lbs.

Imports of all pipe and tube products reached 12,812,924 lbs, while pipe and tube exports totaled 4,492,790 lbs.

Imports of all profiles, rods and bars came to 10,395,619 lbs and exports of those products totaled 4,465,213 lbs.

Imports of copper alloy wire added up to 2,824,401 lbs, while exports hit 1,539,329 lbs in January, the fabricators group said.

Brass mill products are widely used in building construction, automotive products and in electronic and electrical applications.


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