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Silicon Prices Advance in Export Market
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Mar 9,2010

Silicon Prices Advance in Export Market
SHANGHAI, Mar. 9 (SMM) -- Offers were re-raised again in export market as price to port of domestic silicon climbed. Offers of #553 were in the USD 2,150-2,180/mt range in export market and offers of #441 (FOB) were in the USD 2,250-2,270/mt range. Offers were slightly mixed in the market, as some traders kept offers relatively lower by USD 20-30/mt for the concern that prices may fall with the approaching of high water period.

Exporting volumes increased in Huangpu port, but overall trading sentiment was still sluggish as overseas consumers hoped that China's exporting prices could be lowed. However, production conditions in China still didn't improve, and silicon production is only stable in Hunan and Fujian provinces. SMM believes that rising export prices will be gradually accepted by overseas consumers.

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