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[Minor metal] Refined Manganese Prices Drop to RMB 13,000/mt
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Dec. 25 (CBI China) -- Refined Manganese prices continued to fall after price hike last week, there has been a small amount of turnover with the price at RMB 13,000/mt.

    A factory in Hunan said, "We have just completed long-term orders, and now offer RMB 13,300/mt with limited spot supply." In his view, prices may be stabilized at RMB 13,000/mt in market outlook, and the cost will support the price. 

    A factory in Chongqing said there are many factories in Xiushan region being in operation, leading decline in prices. Only after the factories with higher-cost products suspended production, the prices would stabilize. The buyers with low interest in purchase will continue the previous mode.

    A stainless steel factory said, "We maintain the purchase volume of more than 100 tons per day now, and we do not intend to purchase more as the prices may fall further." 

    A trader in Ningbo said, as the prices fall fast, they will keep wait-and-see and do not intend to purchase for the time being.

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