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Director of NBS: China's Economic Slowdown Exceed Expectation
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Dec 7,2009

BEIJING, Dec. 3 -- Director of National Bureau of Statistics(NBS), Ma Jiantang said recently that China's current economic slowdown exceeded expectation, but the basic trend of economic development has not changed, China's economy can develop stably and rapidly.

    Ma Jiantang said that the measures to further eliminate bottlenecks in consumption, expand the scope of consumption, make the stability of automobile market, the housing market and the stock market will not only help raise the spending power of low-income people, raise the spending will of high-income sectors, but also promote demand for investment-related goods and inject new vitality into the national economy. Recently a series of measures were issued to promote growth, which will strength the power investment demand will make to economic growth and will improve the power consumer demand will make to economic growth, meanwhile the economic structure will become a new bright spot in economic growth.

    Ma Jiantang pointed out that the current international financial crisis has also spread and the impact on China's real economy became deeper. From major economic indicators in October, China's economic slowdown exceeded expectation. However, from the indicators the rate of economic growth, the rate of price changes, the rate of employment changes and balance of payments, China's overall economic situation is good, our country is still in the strategic opportunity period with sustained and rapid development.

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