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[Al] Indirect Export of Aluminum Plate/Sheet More Difficult
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Dec 7,2009

HANGHAI, Nov. 20 (CBI China) – As China will increase export rebates on aluminum plate, sheet and strip to 13% from 11% since December 1 2008, direct-export enterprises of aluminum plate, sheet and strip will benefit more or less from such adjustment, but no great change for indirect export enterprises. 

     Indirect export enterprises are facing three major difficulties: First of all, they can not benefit from export rebate adjustment policy this time and must rely on their own strength to keep moving. Second, export traders, the downstream customers of export enterprises, reported overseas demand were much weaker, sharp decline in orders leading to fewer indirect export enterprises distributors who get orders. Third, compared to manufacturing enterprises fully developing domestic market, it is difficult for indirect export-oriented enterprises to develop and occupy domestic market in near future. 

     According to CBI sources, orders decreased in indirect export-oriented enterprises of aluminum plate, sheet and strip due to shrunk export business, thus enterprises are actively seeking business in other markets. On the other hand, they had to cut production to deal with current difficulties.


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