Guangzhou Great Power begins construction of lithium battery project

The company will invest some 5.8 billion yuan in the lithium-ion battery project at Jincheng High-tech Industry Park in Jintan district, Jiangsu province

03:35PM Sep 18, 2018

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Chinalco to invest in Fangchenggang alumina project

Chinalco plans to invest nearly 5.81 billion yuan to construct a new alumina project in Fangchenggang, Guangxi province

11:12AM Sep 18, 2018

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China to make first exports of hydrogen cell vehicles

Chinese automaker Feichi will supply Malaysia with hydrogen cell buses, in an MoU signed on Monday Sep 10

03:43PM Sep 13, 2018

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Yunnan Luoping Zinc & Electricity to recover zinc output

The company will resume its zinc output from Wednesday Sep 12

10:45AM Sep 12, 2018

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Shaoguan Steel to undergo maintenance as demand weakens

Maintenance, scheduled to last till Sep 30, will affect some 50,000 mt of rebar output

02:36PM Sep 07, 2018

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Blast furnaces at Jiangxi Pinggang to resume after month-long closure

Jiangxi Pinggang will resume production at three of its seven blast furnaces on Friday Sep 7

11:22AM Sep 06, 2018

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Shagang to put rolling line under maintenance

A bar rolling line will undergo maintenance for 15 days

05:21PM Sep 04, 2018

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Major Tangshan steel mills resume from production cuts

Donghai Iron & Steel and Ruifeng Iron & Steel have resumed regular operation

11:04AM Aug 31, 2018

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Blast furnaces in Anhui to face new cuts in Oct

Steel mills are likely to impose production cuts of 20-30% on blast furnaces as a fresh round of environmental review approaches

02:05PM Aug 30, 2018

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Nanjing Iron & Steel blast furnace to undergo four-month maintenance 

Some 5,000 mt of molten iron daily production will be affected when a blast furnace of 2200 m³ enters maintenance on Sept 1

11:17AM Aug 28, 2018

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